Online sessions and initiatives for WriteMovies in 2021

WriteMovies header bar by Friendly Creatives

WriteMovies header bar by Friendly Creatives

As the global pandemic entered a second year, we continued to grow WriteMovies with a range of new initiatives for 2021. Providing ongoing business management for this longstanding international screenwriting service, in 2021 we have coordinated several new ways for WriteMovies to enhance its ongoing contests, consultancy and industry pitching.

Initiatives we’ve coordinated for WriteMovies in 2021 include:

  • Still from a WriteMovies Zoom online session in 2021

    Still from a WriteMovies Zoom online session in 2021, now available through Video On Demand (VoD)

    A year-long cycle of online sessions were launched, marketed, delivered, edited and packaged for Video On Demand (VoD) and WriteMovies Academy, WriteMovies’ own virtual film school. These high-quality online sessions have been run on Zoom and managed via PayPal and the WriteMovies website. We have also edited, packaged and used many highlights from the sessions for social media and promotional videos.

  • We have also coordinated a wide range of new and ongoing projects to enhance delivery of the business and its goals in 2021, using advanced planning tools we have created to manage our team and initiatives.
  • We have also begun a ‘Lost Generation’ initiative to support young writers looking to break into the industry in the coming years, coordinated by an apprentice under our supervision.
  • We’ve continued to grow and optimise the business’ social media, with notable growth on all our platforms.
  • Plus, as ever, the full administration and accounting for the business’ income, costs, staffing, profit share and customer service.

If the way we’ve managed these online sessions, our business management services or any of the other services we provide are of interest, email today!