WordPress and design training for DesignTrainingUK clients

Ian and Scarlet are training providers for DesignTrainingUK and have provided varied high-end training for their clients, including now providing WordPress training for clients to run their own websites…

The first client to benefit from our WordPress training through DesignTrainingUK was housing provider QSH Ltd, in August 2013, who gave us satisfying praise for the pacing and content of the session; Ian was able to adapt the session spontaneously to incorporate other content that was of benefit to the client: effective copywriting and web communications. QSH later came back to commission us to produce their new-look website.

One- and two-day courses (or longer, if you need them) are available, which can be customised to suit you. For WordPress training clients, we provide our FriendlyWebStarter guides to running your own WordPress site as a lasting benefit for the clients’ reference. Our training sessions provide introductions, training, and ample opportunities to practice everything covered yourself, as well as to practice further afterwards.

A one day course (Introduction to running a WordPress website) can include:

  • How to log into your site and use its control panel (‘Dashboard’)
  • How to back up, and update, your website’s platform, files and plugins
  • How to add, edit and remove Pages, Posts (news articles) and pictures
  • How to back up the content of your site.

A two day course would add:

  • How to add and set up plugins (extra features to enhance your site’s functions and features) and troubleshoot issues with them
  • Adding videos and other media to your site
  • How to change and adapt your site’s menus, appearance and ‘widgets’.

To book training through DesignTrainingUK, visit http://designtraininguk.co.uk/. We also provide training for our own clients – get in touch if this is of interest.

To make your own order or enquiry now, email info@friendlycreatives.co.uk, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897!