West Midlands Screenwriters Forum – 2021 Update

swf headerIt’s been a strange few years, but there has been a lot of work going on at the West Midlands Screenwriter’s Forum. Since the pandemic hit, we have had to change how we deliver our in-person sessions and transition to the virtual world.

The forum used to hold in-person sessions at Birmingham City University before the pandemic. They provided writers with personalised guidance and support with their writing journeys, however, the pandemic meant it couldn’t continue.

Over the last year, we have had time to focus on hosting these sessions virtually. After analysing the market and courses available online, we decided to still run the “Introduction To Professional Screenwriting” course through live conference calls.

As we are now halfway through the course, the sessions have proven to be a success, as each workshop has allowed the writers to engage and interact with each other and our course tutor, who has provided them with live mentoring on their screenplays and the course content.

The workshops have benefited writers because they were able to interact and socialise in the sessions, which has not only benefited their work but also consciously provided mental health support, compared to other courses online, where all the material is pre-recorded and don’t offer live feedback on scripts.

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