Website Makeover for DMS – Dorridge Music School

This image di'splays the home page for the Dorridge Music School website. It contains a promotional video about the company, social media links and information about their staff and the company.

The new-look Dorridge Music School website. We were commissioned to provide a makeover of their existing WordPress website.

The largest independent music school in the UK commissioned us to give their  WordPress-based website a full makeover, using backgrounds from their other recent publicity materials to bring their site to life, and refreshing the appearance of their existing content.

The commission was brokered by our regular clients Isis Media and was delivered in consultation with both parties over several short sessions of theme selection and adaptation. Services like this can be quick and convenient and affordable to deliver, for both us and our clients, so if you have a WordPress website or would like to transfer your content to one, get in touch today and we will be happy to advise!

Features of the new-look website include:

  • A smart new WordPress Theme, with original backgrounds and a header bar adapted from designs provided by the client
  • Extensive customisation of the appearance of the site thanks to our use of Custom CSS to configure all aspects of the site according to our clients’ suggestions
  • New homepage layout to prioritise the company’s new promotional video, to better showcase their core strengths and qualities, and to provide an easy-to-use Contact Form to encourage enquiries from visitors

You can visit the site yourself at:

If services like these could be of benefit to you and your colleagues, get in touch today! Email to get the ball rolling.