Web Videos for Creative Black Country launch

CBC hologramTo commemorate the launch of Creative Black Country, we were commissioned to create 5 short web videos which we filmed around their launch day with footage and interviews with dozens of local people and arts practitioners, at a variety of venues across the Black Country. We filmed the launch event in order to compile a variety of promotional videos that would display the different events that took place on the day and the varied views and experiences of contributors. Creative Black Country’s launch aimed to showcase the talents and potential of the region and our videos were produced to reflect this.

CBC Window DressingPrior to the launch, we visited a variety of local creative organisations and interviewed them to find out what the Arts mean to them and how they felt the Arts could impact their area. We filmed these interviews and turned them into a snappy selection of the best parts and answers. This video was shown during one of the events on the evening of the launch day, and highlights from it were then also used in the final videos.

CBC Crashmat collectiveWe also filmed a variety of visual aspects for the day which included “The Black Country alive in hologram”, a circus performance from Crashmat Collective in the centre of Queen’s Shopping Centre and a window dressing comedy sequence. Our videos showed the quality and vividness of these performances, the insights and experiences of contributors, and the hundreds of people who engaged with the launch during the day.

Features of the videos include:

  • 5×2 minutes promotional videos focussing on the different activities on the launch day, filmed and uploaded at 1080p High Definition with clear high quality audio soundtrack in spite of the background noise at the event.

  • Snappy, vivid and fast-paced editing using varied effects, encapsulating as much of the events and interviews as possible in the shortest space of time – all optimised for web audiences.

  • A varied music soundtrack compiled from music performed or used during the event.
  • Interviews with a wide range of Arts practitioners and the public, and the Lord Mayor of Sandwell.

The videos are below for you to view.

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