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We’ve produced dozens of high-quality films, videos, audio, radio productions and other media productions…

Media production is among the most challenging roles out there, requiring excellent project management, organisational skills, creative insight, improvisation, interpersonal skills, legal skills, technical skills, equipment, financial management, marketing skills, and much more. We have ten years’ experience in this ever-changing area, as you can see from the showreel and the list of services below. To make your own enquiry or booking… Get in touch today!

  • We produce dynamic and enjoyable promotional videos for a wide variety of organisations and projects.
  • We’ve provided high-quality camerawork for a wide variety of organisations and projects, using impressive and flexible new HD cameras.
  • We run our own film productions through our partners IQK Productions, but we’re also available for hire to produce films for other clients.
  • We can provide or arrange a variety of filming services, as you can see below. To make your own enquiry or booking…Get in touch today!
  • We’ve produced videos for a wide variety of organisations and projects.
  • If we can film everything you need in a single short space of time, and edit it all with your input on the day, then you can have a beautiful and lasting video for whatever purposes you need within a day at true High Definition or whatever format you prefer. Filming on our classy HD cameras is instantaneous and smart whether we’re using our tripod or monopod, working handheld or on the move. The below are examples of impressive videos we’ve delivered.
  • Live events make particular demands on the filming crews, and we’ve provided or contributed to a variety of live event filmings, as you can see below. We can offer to produce full live show videos, professionally packaged to a high technical quality, from as little as £395. The basic service would film one show continuously on a single camera, apply noise reduction and professional packaging, and then export the video at 720p High Definition – this is what has been provided for the videos of An Ideal Husband below, for example. But if extra budget is available we can look to film from additional angles with improved sound quality and to produce a more engaging full show of a higher technical quality, with any blips in the show itself (such as noises from the audience) edited out. Furthermore we can produce short promotional videos from highlights of the shows. All of these services were provided for Lady Chatterley’s Lover for example. Get in touch to discuss your needs and to receive a customised quote.
  • It’s easy and popular to turn your activities into podcasts and make them available to users around the world, and with our experience of media production it’s just another service we can happily provide.
  • A great deal of our experience is in radio production and audio production, particularly with the BBC.
  • Friendly Creatives founder Ian Kennedy started and sustained his career through varied and distinctive radio drama projects.
  • We produce our own dramas, through our partner IQK Productions, and are available for hire to support other producers too, as you can see below.
  • Theatre production is one of the most challenging areas to produce in, and we have wideranging experience in this area.
  • Friendly Creatives founder Ian Kennedy began his career with a flurry of radio projects at all ends of the market, and has produced audio for many leading radio stations including Radio 1 and BBC Radio Five Live. His professional work includes short pieces and features, drama, and historical documentary. In 2008 Ian was interviewed by Talented Young People about radio production: click here to read his thoughts and advice. To make your own enquiry or booking… Get in touch today!
  • And we also have experience of producing a number of music videos!