The Producers’ Forum – filmmakers’ organisation Communications (2011-14)

From July 2011 to April 2014, Ian worked as the Communications and Member Services Coordinator for the Producers’ Forum, transforming its communications, website and member subscriptions. The Twitter, Facebook and newsletter following has gone from under 2,000 to over 3,500 cumulatively…

Within a year of taking the role, Ian transformed several crucial areas of the Forum’s activities:

  • Ian created the new Forum website, which offers social networking and project management solutions for anyone involved in media production.
  • Ian managed the Forum’s social media, growing its Twitter following from 635 to over 1200 as well as its Facebook Page and Group and its scope and connections on LinkedIn.
  • Ian created and launched smart, thorough and wideranging weekly newsletters and website articles, compiling news, opportunities, events, links and much more.
  • Ian also supported the Forum Board, provided consultancy and other services to them, and proposed new ventures and opportunities for the Forum.
  • The new website in time came to transform and drastically simplify the Forum’s systems for member registration, renewals and payments.
  • Many other activities were undertaken, including producing a Resource Pack for production trainees and publicising particular events or opportunities provided by the Forum.

The role has also prospered Ian’s connections and influence in the region, and led to a number of new clients for Friendly Creatives and FriendlyWebStarter, not mention supporting Ian’s own productions at IQK Productions.

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To find out more about the Forum and Ian’s work for it:

  • Visit to find out more, join or donate, or to find the Producers’ Forum on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The Forum offers events and opportunities to all members, and non-members can also attend for a fee.

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Below is more detail about the new website…


In July 2011, FriendlyWebStarter’s Ian Kennedy was appointed as part-time Communications & Member Services Coordinator for the Producers’ Forum, an organisation supporting independent filmmakers and content producers. As well as managing the Forum’s website and social media, Ian oversaw a rapid and major expansion in the Forum’s communications:

  • A weekly smart newsletter was established which provided dozens of succinct relevant items of information, organised by section into FORUM NEWS, FORUM EVENTS, MEMBERS’ NEWS, NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY, OTHER FEATURED EVENTS, OPPORTUNITIES, and more. The newsletter now has over 1450 subscribers.
  • The Forum’s number of followers on Twitter rose from 635 to 1500+, and the frequency and relevance of its posts increased.
  • The website became home to a significantly increased body of News items and Useful Links, often drawn from items in the newsletters.
  • The Forum put social media at the heart of its new initiatives, with its Facebook Group both refreshed through linking to the Twitter feed. A convoluted event booking process using Eventbrite was replaced by an instant system on the website.
  • Ian also proposed several other new initiatives using new media to boost the Forum’s services, membership and income streams. Those changes are now in motion and have already revolutionised the Forum’s membership and subscription systems with a one-click PayPal sign-up system.

In late 2011 the Forum appointed Ian to create a new website for the organisation, which would be far easier and cheaper for the Forum to manage themselves for free in its entirety, and would retain all of the key functions that the existing site enjoyed. In fact the new site, built upon WordPress rather than Django like its predecessor, will also have significant potential to expand in its features and functions for free in the future. Ian will provide full training for the Forum board to manage the site in future.

The new website is a social media platform for anyone involved in film or video production, and has featured among many other things:

  • Advanced social media facilities including customisable member profiles and forums
  • News and calendars and many other types of content
  • Exclusive members-only sections and downloads as well as public-facing sections
  • Smart and distinctive slider on homepage displaying the latest content and images
  • Embedded video feeds from YouTube and elsewhere
  • Member subscriptions and logins managed automatically by a one-click PayPal sign-up system
  • Easy member sign-in and sign-out functions
  • Featured Sponsor logo and link in sidebar, randomly generated
  • Smart newsletter plugin which assembles weekly newsletters from content on the website and mails it to the Forum mailing list, including anyone who signs up using the widget provided in the sidebar
  • Twitter feed displayed in sidebar. Automatic tweeting of website updates.
  • Multiple RSS feeds in footer

You can visit the website yourself at!

To make your own booking or enquiry, email us at, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897 now!