The Fancy Silk Store – website, photos & 6 promotional videos

We produced a glossy bespoke website, nearly 200 photos and a series of corporate videos for the Fancy Silk Store, a long-established family business supplying the UK’s biggest selection of fabrics to businesses and the public…

Switching to a different host has subsequently forced the company back to a less powerful website but here you can see both the site itself and the videos, which are published on YouTube (where you can find them on our channel, Features of the commission include:

  • Nearly 200 high-definition photos, which feature in a randomised gallery in the sidebar and change on every page.
  • A glossy animated slideshow at the top of the website, showing sumptous fabrics from the store.
  • Classy, smooth, High Definition embedded videos to illustrate the types of fabrics sold in store. The camera moves gently and smoothly through spaces in the store to illustrate the massive range and fine quality of fabrics available. The videos also include bespoke titles and graphics.
  • Full original copywriting for the site, to provide attractive content to attract customers to the store.
  • Interactive map to guide customers to the store.

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