From Sante Theatre to STAMP Productions… a DNS Transfer via Friendly Creatives!

We have recently overseen the domain name server (DNS) transfer of Sante Theatre productions to as they’re now known, STAMP Productions, and provided optimisation diagnostics and recommendations. If you’d like us to give your website this kind of analysis (recommended every 2 years to keep up with changing web standards), whether a full DNS change, just wanting us to handle content changes, or generally maintaining and running your website, get in touch with us today at! A site optimisation scan costs £80 and includes a custom quote for you to choose which changes you want and the right budget for you.

STAMP shotThe commission included:

  • We oversaw and implemented the DNS transfer via Fasthost, but we’ve done the same for other clients using other hosts, such as GoDaddy and TSOhost.
  • Once the transfer was complete, we updated the site’s content and links as requested by STAMP.
  • We ran advanced optimisation and diagnostic checks to provide suggestions and recommendations for site performance SEO and security.
  • We also had a look round the new site ourselves to detect anything that might need fixing, and providing suggestions in terms of the sites design, theme, maintenance, updates and backups.