Skydrones Aerial Photography website

A particularly proud moment for FriendlyWebStarter was producing this bespoke website in 2012 - our first one-day integrated web design and handover process…

It was also our freshest-looking site at the time, incorporating a bespoke header with a customised Flash slideshow – and training its proud new owner and handing over to him. This was the first time we had tried our new one-day web design service – and exceeded all expectations. Using a highly customisable WordPress theme and plugins, plus original graphics made on the day in PhotoShop, it was possible to build a unique and bespoke website alongside the client and hand over, all within 10 hours.

Special features of this site include:

  • Bespoke layout and proportions
  • Flash animated slideshow below the Header
  • Original graphics made with the direct input of the client in person
  • Testimonials widget
  • New sliding gallery features – discovered and implemented by the client himself!

It always helps when a client has all of their content (words and pictures) and navigation worked out before we start working on the site together – so to make our one-day service possible, that’s what we require. Clients such as Skydrones who automatically have lots of impressive photos to build the site around are always at an advantage but these services are available to everyone.

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