SEO Magnet site

This expanded site – originally created by FriendlyWebStarter in 2010 – proved so successful that Ian was later employed to expand its SEO reach from purely local West Midlands services to national ones…

The website is now a huge network of new websites and webpages to support it and deliver exceptional performance for internet search engines. This expansion is the largest project that FriendlyWebStarter has yet delivered, ongoing over several months.

Like with many FriendlyWebStarter sites, the main body of the site is built and customised using WordPress technology – which the client was trained to run and expand upon in the initial handover. Since then, the client has managed their site with tremendous success, categorising their content in a highly sophisticated way – so that visitors can immediately find out about what services are available in which locations, what will be available today, what is available now, what news there is, and many other details – up-to-date as and when needed.

The client operates in the extremely competitive adult services sector and therefore needs to perform extremely well on search engines. This is achieved within the WordPress site thanks to the use of a large number of performance-enhancing plugins, and by having a network of additional (non-WordPress) html pages that communicate in detail the purposes of the site (without duplicating one another), link to one another intensively but appropriately, and likewise link extensively and appropriately into the WordPress site.

The third feature of a site that wishes to perform extremely well with search engines is to establish mutual links with other websites that are relevant and have a strong search engine ranking. These matters have also been extensively implemented by the client and FriendlyWebStarter.

The result? A website that is top for dozens of relevant search terms in spite of extremely active and competitive rivals operating in the same field who want to perform well in the same searches.

Features of the WordPress sites include:

  • A vast array of website performance-enhancing plugins and settings
  • A clean, clear and cool visual theme and layout
  • Dropdown menus
  • Sidebar plugins
  • A category for each area covered, arranged within broader ‘parent’ categories
  • ‘Available Now’ and ‘Available Today’ categories that the client keeps continually up to date
  • Ease of adding, editing and removing all profiles, features and information
  • Ratings and feedback systems to encourage social media interaction
  • Booking form
  • Blog feature, for latest news and stories

Features of the html Landing Pages include:

  • One page per geographical area served, each containing:
  • Consistent theme, style and layout across all pages despite constantly variable content
  • Coding and sitemaps to encourage, invite and inform the ‘robots’ that search engines use to understand, categorise and interpret websites and webpages
  • 1100-1400 words of original content per page – duplication would result in Google’s Copyscape software denigrating the webpage
  • Many links to other relevant parts of the website and sister sites
  • Several pictures and captions
  • Optimised use of all features of the webpage (including title, link anchor text, bold text, picture alt-text, etc)

External SEO features:

  • Regular posting of advertisements and profiles on targeted sites that are both relevant and of interest to internet search engines
  • Arranging ‘parallel links’ or sponsorship with similar sites with a strong search engine ranking that could be shared

You can see the index pages of the sites at these locations; there are literally hundreds of other pages which you could arrive on in order to enter the site – one for each geographical place where the client operates. Be aware that these websites host adult content and there is a legal disclaimer involved before you can enter the main part of the site.

To make your own booking or enquiry, email us at, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897 now!