Salesforce implementation assistance for Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance advert created for Producers' Forum sponsorship, brokered by IanFriendly Creatives assistant Matt Croton provided our colleagues at Creative Alliance with several days’ support to integrate their data systems and implement them on a powerful new platform. Matt also helped present the system to the Creative Alliance team for their training in how to use it.

Salesforce is one of the world’s most powerful business platforms and creates huge customisability and adaptivity for the businesses that use it. The challenge is making sure that both you identify what you would like and love to do with the platform, and then to put it into action – creating your own custom forms and interfaces for your staff to use, generating custom business reports and financial accounting , generating custom in-house websites and many other tools. All of these were aspects of the work that Matt helped Creative Alliance to achieve within the fixed budget that they had available.

And as the system took shape, Matt also contributed half an hour of presentation to the Creative Alliance team to show them what the new systems can do for them, and how to use them.

Training Delivery & TeachingIt’s a good example of our approach to business and delivering gains for our clients. You might not quite know yet what it is you need, and how you’d like it to work. And we might not either, at the start of the process. But we’ll find the answers together with you as we deliver the commission, and at the end of it we’ll leave you with an impressive professional product that you can manage yourself with no further charges from us. That’s how we work, and we’ve been delivering commissions in this way for years with barely a blip.

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