New look for our website for writer Raj K Lal

Raj K Lal new site screengrabIt’s been a pleasure to work again with one of our early clients to modernise her site when her needs for it changed. The original site had been made to the style and specifications she requested, but she was now ready for something more ‘writerly’ and we were happy to oblige! We provided a one-day training, transformed website design, and handover service – resulting in the clearer and more animated new-look website you can see here…

The new-look website makes some nice use of opacity effects (so you can see through some areas to the graphic in the background) and makes Raj’s message and her professional identity much clearer to see and engage with. There is a new homepage slider that showcases her latest articles in an animated, illustrated form against a background that makes neat use of opacity to show the cherry blossom image in the background. There is also now a social media link widget, a visitor subscription form, and a new-look header bar. We also provided refresher training to set her up to manage her website’s backups and updates from a new computer.


Raj K Lal new site screengrab 2Here’s what we said about the original commission – most of its features are still part of the new website now:

In 2012 FriendlyWebStarter completed a distinctive new website for the writer Raj K Lal, in which every visual or graphological element was created to her specifications, prefiguring the services we can now deliver in a single day…

In the process, Raj was trained to run the site herself at no further cost in future. Among the many distinctive features we installed was a Facebook widget which displays her most recent Facebook Page item in the sidebar of every page, a Testimonials widget showing what other writers have to say about her, a one-click e-commerce button to buy services from Raj via PayPal, and a Random Image widget which displays the covers of published books to which Raj has contributed.

You can see the website for yourself at!

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