Parry People Movers

Class 139 Light Railcar Vehicle

Class 139 Light Railcar – 10m long, up to 60 passengers.

PPM Single Deck Tram – Dimensions: Length 10.0m


ENGINEERED FOR ECONOMY, RELIABILITY AND MAINTAINABILITY – Class 139 rail vehicles have been designed for ease of maintenance in a modestly equipped train care depot.  The mechanical and electrical components are designed with for easy access, handle-ability and ease of sourcing readily available spare parts.  The flywheel module, pictured extreme top left, is the component which makes the ‘super hybrid’ concept workable. As a ‘KERS’ (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) device it stores and releases energy at a faster rate than the railcar engine. The engine is very small, 2.3 litres, but with the booster energy available from the flywheel the railcar has powerful acceleration.


SUMMARY SPECIFICATION – Gas – flywheel – hydrostatic transmission, tare 10.5t. Capacity 60 passengers, air brakes and regenerative braking into flywheel energy store.


Dependable, whatever the weather.

HIGHLY DEPENDABLE IN ALL CONDITIONS – Operating without air conditioning but with fresh air ventilation Class 139 railcars provide an acceptable environment in summer, keep passengers warm and dry in wet weather and have been shown to perform reliably over two severe winters ,  especially December 2010— Jan 2011 when many other train services suffered delays and cancellations.

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