Parry People Movers

Stourbridge – Great Railway Journeys

The attractiveness of the Railway Journeys theme is using an historic guide to Britain – Bradshaw – which traced the train routes of the past but pointed out important, pleasant, interesting and sometimes just quirky things which one might encounter along the way.

Boundless Productions have linked past and present, discovering how heritage organisations and sometimes firms have keep alive what existed in Bradshaw’s time.

The producers filmed each locality conducting interviews with the people still running facilities which date back to earlier times. What originally drew the programme makers to Stourbridge was a) the fact that the line is the shortest in Britain and b) probably the most dangerous, being very steep and running into a dead end resulting in repeated accidents. Michael Portillo was amazed to discover a modern People Mover in place which is pioneering technology of worldwide interest.

Michael Portillo and James Pearson, the producer, discussed the special attributes of the People Mover concept with John Parry for approx 30 minutes during the filming at Stourbridge Junction. The TV people expressed the view that reopening closed railway lines was a big and interesting subject and could warrant a special documentary on the subject, or even a theme for a follow up series.

The conclusion was that these thoughts should be discussed with the BBC.