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Simple Question: Why should only the fortunate few live close to a railway station?

One simple question, we ask ‘Why should only the fortunate few live close to a railway station’.

In the three decades prior to 1980, thousands of miles of railway routes in Britain went out of public transport use. This was a period when the conventional wisdom was that, due to massive investment in roads, branch lines were unlikely to be needed in the future.  Many of the vacated corridors remain clear to this day, some with the track lifted or with it left in place for possible future freight use, others as leisure lines used to run historic rolling stock lovingly preserved by volunteers.  Such has been the growth of traffic on local roads that resumption of passenger rail services can now be contemplated – but not always in their original form.

Rail patronage is growing strongly year by year but the industry is running out of ways of providing additional capacity on existing tracks – and the pressures are greatest on urban commuting…

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