Parry People Movers

About Parry People Movers

Parry People Movers Ltd (PPML) supplies lightweight tramway systems for smaller towns, and lightweight rail vehicles for use on regional railways.

PPM vehicles incorporate flywheel energy storage, allowing electric tramway systems without overhead wires and railcars powered by small prime movers running on gas, diesel or hydrogen – all with very high energy efficiency and very low emissions of pollutants and noise.

PPM technology responds to the need for high quality, environmentally sound, affordable local public transport for both urban and rural communities.

Parry People Movers Ltd has completed over a decade of development and design refinement in order to secure an advantageous position in a new and potentially expanding transport market.

Protected by advances in technology in a field where we have secured intellectual property, and having comprehensive understanding of our target market in affordable light rail transit systems, we are opening up this market well ahead of our competitors.

Our products, consisting of light trams and streetcars for town systems, and light railcars and semi-metro for longer routes, are comprehensively tested and vetted.

While seen as incorporating significant technical advances, they are also regarded as practical, sensible and very good value for money.

The Parry management team responsible for achieving PPM’s lead position has a long track record creating profitable ventures for others, as market researchers and hands-on developers of products and processes.

The hallmark of the team is carefully judged innovation, painstaking thoroughness, persistence and resourcefulness.

Our people movers provide all of the environmental and user benefits of electrified tramways and suburban railways without the excessive vehicle weight and high cost of full system electrification.

Professional assistance can be provided in the design and preparation of tramway and railway schemes using the new technology.