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Issue 79 of Parry News is now available – May 2020

A new issue of Parry News is now available!


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“Recent events now call for a ban on overcrowding of public transport in future. This in turn calls for more space to maintain service capacity. Adjusting to a dramatic change in operating specification will require attention to the design, build and operation of rail vehicles.

In what hitherto has been a ‘no-man’s-land’, that which is intermediate between LRT and small branch line Heavy Rail, Parry People Movers and its collaborators have, since the 1990s, been concentrating years of effort and millions of pounds into compact vehicles.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has brought many shocks, none more than the near death experience of the Prime Minister. In his first public statement after recovery from illness, Boris Johnson announced that, for the time being, public transport use is to be avoided if possible (while reducing to 10% normal vehicle capacity by introducing social distancing measures).”

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