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Issue 76 of Parry News is now available – April 2019

A new issue of Parry News is now available!

Below you’ll find a teaser of what you can find in the newsletter. Alternatively, click the image on the right or the link at the bottom to read the newsletter in full.

“Current concerns about the scar-city of affordable housing coupled with the drive to improve the air quality in urban centres and relieve traffic congestion caused by excessive dependence on private cars for routine daily journeys has convinced the government more strongly of the case for light rail.

A recent call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ by the Minister of State, Jesse Norman MP, for the first time describes not only the new major tramway installations in the handful of locations where they have been introduced, but alongside these mentions the Ultra Light Rail operation at the Stourbridge Branch and its potential in stretched form to provide more modern tram systems for smaller towns and cities.”

Read the newsletter in full here.

And find out what happened when BBC Radio 4’s Adrian Goldberg visited Stourbridge to meet John Parry and ride the Shuttle – click here to listen to his piece in ‘From our Home Correspondent’!