Parry People Movers

How We Have Made Operating Local Railways And Tramways A Lot More Affordable

‘HOW WE HAVE MADE OPERATING LOCAL RAILWAYS AND TRAMWAYS A LOT MORE AFFORDABLE’ introduces the PPM lightweight railcar. Find out more about its hybrid driveline, dramatic reductions of carbon emissions, sustained reliability and the passenger experience. The brochure details how the PPM railcar can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

OUR STORY began 20 years ago when, for the first time, concerns were beginning to be raised about whether it was possible to provide for unlimited growth in personal travel as part of town planning. The diagram by former PPM Director, Derek Oldfield, illustrates the Parry centre where the earlier work was done as it existed at the time.

On the environmental front, worries were also being expressed about the urban concentration of vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines, producing unhealthy amounts of noxious gases in the local atmosphere.  The world’s economies had already experienced the first and second ‘Oil Shocks’  and, instead of scrapping street running railways — tram and streetcar systems (as they were called differently in Europe and the USA)  —  a few cities with foresight had been preserving old systems and building new ones.  But the emphasis at that time was all towards lavishly built and equipped ‘supertram’ systems. One small voice could have been heard at the time in a report  by Britain’s National Technology Foresight Programme published in 1996:

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