Parry People Movers

Invented In… The Midlands

PPM’s Chairman John Parry MBE with the presenter of “Invented In… The Midlands”, Professor Brendan Walker, on the right. The two sit at the PPM office discussing the flywheel technology of the People Mover railcars and trams.

We were very much delighted to have been a part of the BBC 1 West Midlands version of “Invented In…” which was released on Friday,23rd June. The programme focused on the phenomenon relating to the English Midlands, a cluster of creativity and capability which applies especially to local transport

Professor Brendan Walker, presenter of “Invented In… The Midlands”, aboard a people mover railcar to Stourbridge Town.

You can watch the episode HERE – just enter the password “gosh” to view the video.

Watch the whole episode or jump to 14.06 for the beginning of the segment on PPM and eco-friendly transport. We suggest, though, that you watch the episode as a complete piece for the insights it gives into modes of transport throughout recent time in the West Midlands.