New-look Producers’ Forum website and newsletters

As its Communications Officer, Ian relaunched the Producers’ Forum in late 2013, with a smarter new website (including video galleries) and a new newsletter platform…Features of the new-look site include:

  • A smart homepage layout including a smart and distinctive slider displaying the latest content and images, as well as sponsors’ graphics and information tabs.
  • Mobile- and tablet-responsive design.
  • Smart, efficient and user-friendly video galleries
  • New membership-subscription system, which works through PayPal to receive payment from subscribers and then creates them a login and profile to exclusive content on the website.

The site also includes the many features that it had before:

  • Advanced social media facilities including customisable member profiles and forums
  • News and calendars and many other types of content
  • Exclusive members-only sections and downloads as well as public-facing sections
  • Embedded video feeds from YouTube and elsewhere
  • Easy member sign-in and sign-out functions in the sidebar
  • Featured Sponsor logo and link in sidebar, randomly generated
  • Smart newsletter plugin which assembles weekly newsletters from content on the website and mails it to the Forum mailing list, including anyone who signs up using the widget provided in the sidebar
  • Twitter feed displayed in sidebar. Automatic tweeting of website updates.
  • Multiple RSS feeds in footer

The new-look newsletter has been moved to a new platform to better differentiate website users from newsletter subscribers, and is now made up of quality original content rather than compiled news from other sources.

You can visit the website yourself at!

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