New IQK Website – Writing & Productions by Ian Kennedy

Moving across from our attractive but technically outmoded HTML site was a great opportunity to show off new features, functions and styles…

The concept of IQK had changes significantly since it was originally established in 2006 (see the link here for more on the old site) - previously the site hosted all of Ian Kennedy’s freelance work, but now that Friendly Creatives is the home for all of those projects, IQK has finally come into its own as the location for Ian’s own productions and writing. It’s also an illustration of the sorts of website we can now establish in a day for clients (if all of their content is ready) for £395, and of the more advanced websites we can develop at more length for clients from £595.

In our Creative Web Design courses for UCB students in 2011 and 2012, we’ve been able to use the old IQK site to show how an attractive user interface can sometimes mask coding problems which damage the site’s SEO rankings – if you’re interested in us doing a course like this for you, just let us know using the contact form below!

The new site, like most of our others, is built on an open source WordPress platform which is far more future-proof and easily extended by multiple advanced plugins. Among the features of the new IQK site are:

  • An attractive slider on the homepage, to visually show the site’s content and offers to visitors.
  • A ‘Connections’ widget in the sidebar, with custom icons linking to each of Ian’s other online presences, including Facebook and many others.
  • Comment forms, for visitors to respond to the articles, poems and productions shown on the site(protected from spam postings by a reCaptcha form)
  • ‘Share’ buttons at the bottom of articles, encouraging visitors to share them using major social media platforms.
  • A random quotation widget, to show a range of Ian’s writing and testimonials to his work.
  • A highly categorised system of articles, enabling visitors to easily find the content relevant to them as well as latest news and articles.
  • Graphical links to Partner sites in the sidebar.
  • Web video will be a key feature of the site, with the launch of Ian’s first web series and his other new productions.
  • A ‘Donate’ form on every page, through which anyone can easily donate or invest in Ian’s creative projects.

The site continues the ‘metallic’ theme of the old IQK site, in particular the silver effects which defined the ‘Writing’ sections of the site previously. The IQK logo was given a new silver sheen and matched to a header bar that also echoes its shape of the previous site. The choices of font were also made to reflect well upon a writer – a typewriter-style font for titles, and a clear and attractive font for content.

To make your own order or enquiry now, email, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897!