New frontiers for Friendly Creatives in 2019…

SWF-Intro-course-2019-flyerDon’t be fooled, things are very busy at our end! But because we’re mainly delivering businesses and services on behalf of other companies and organisations right now, we’re not publicising our own offerings at this point – however we can still deliver all of our previous services on request or in continuation from existing clients.

Here’s what we’re doing in this very exciting and challenging year:

  • A new website for Ultra Light Rail Partners –
  • Managing longstanding management consultancy firm Activa Consulting‘s marketing, administration and delivering freelance management consultancy services in their name, especially as GDPR consultants –
  • Managing the admin, marketing and events for regional agency Screenwriters Forum –
  • Providing ongoing designs and marketing services to international script agencies WriteMovies and TalentScout International Management –
  • Continuing to support multi-award-winning social enterprise Creative Alliance as it achieved a clean bill of health from OFSTED at the start of 2019, and in ongoing delivery of new talent initiatives and jobs across the creative industries.

Meanwhile, be aware that whenever you contact us via this website, our emails, or those of Screenwriters Forum, or through clients we are working for, you are protected by our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy – click here!

If these or other services we provide are of interest, email today!