‘Mood boards’ and other presentation graphics for movie director’s pitch

Ian was hired at short notice to design dozens of high-quality ‘mood boards’, cinematography boards, casting boards and other promotional graphics for a film director to have printed in order to pitch his new feature film project…

Details of the pitch are of course confidential, so we’ve blurred out the contents but left the designs otherwise intact to give you a flavour of the style and quality of the work. The director is well established, regularly delivering productions to six and seven figure budgets, so this was a great opportunity for us to showcase our graphic design capacities to a high end client and possible investors. Features of the designs included:

  • 300dpi (very high resolution) graphics at A3 size for immediate printing.
  • Generating a template design into which varying content could be inserted in a standard, tidy and sharp form.
  • Adapting several dozen photographs, artists’ drawings, text and information into the designs in variable but consistent sizes, shapes and placements, to visually pitch every relevant aspect of the film’s style, story, characters, dialogue, director, cinematography, and possible castings, evenly filling every part of the designated space evenly.
  • ‘Photoshopping’ to amend photos to help remove unnecessary details or make them blend more evenly.
  • Logos and title cards.

Ian worked through a weekend in order to deliver the commission in time for the director’s pitching deadline.

If we can deliver graphics of this quality (or at a more compact size) for you, just get in touch. To make your own order or enquiry now, email info@friendlycreatives.co.uk, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897!