Live show filming and promotional videos for Blue Orange Arts

Ian has produced quality HD videos of three full theatre shows in 2012-13 and created two engaging promotional videos to promote them with – which received almost 30,000 views within a year and continue to find wide audiences.

The full shows filmed have been Treasure Island, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and An Ideal Husband). The first promotional  video is a one-minute video in the style of a film trailer and is aimed at audiences, while the other is a five-minute narrative-based sampler of the full show which serves to promote it to theatres where the show is looking to run in future. A gallery of some freezeframes from the videos is below.

The full show videos – filmed and edited to a high quality despite the presence of a full audience – have been produced for the theatre and the show directors and can be used to promote or analyse the show for future runs, and also to provide impressive showreel material for the directors and actors and the theatre itself. It may also be possible for Blue Orange Theatre to sell the full show recordings, which have had the benefit of extensive postproduction work to improve their technical quality and to package them professionally.

We can offer to produce full live show videos, professionally packaged to a high technical quality, from as little as £395. The basic service would film one show continuously on a single camera, apply noise reduction and professional packaging, and then export the video at 720p High Definition – this is what has been provided for the videos of An Ideal Husband. But if extra budget is available we can look to film from additional angles with improved sound quality and to produce a more engaging full show of a higher technical quality, with any blips in the show itself (such as noises from the audience) edited out. Furthermore we can produce short promotional videos from highlights of the shows. All of these services were provided for Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Get in touch to discuss your needs and to receive a customised quote.

To make your own order or enquiry now, email, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897!