Jane Campion Hoye website – writer/actor/coach, Inspire2Speak

To complete a site that had already been initialised, Ian redesigned the header image, amended the website’s style and layout, and added smooth new animated slideshows as well as a testimonials widget and other effects, while training the client to back up and maintain the site in future…

Most FriendlyWebStarter sites begin from scratch, so this was an interesting case of adapting to an existing theme and content that the client was already comfortable with while smartening them and providing new elements to modernise the site and improve its functionality. We also provided training in backing up all elements of the site and updating it.

We created a moving slideshow on two pages of the site, which animates images of the client and quotes of her that relate to her work and services. There’s also a slideshow of images from the client’s career in the sidebar and a gallery further down below it.

You can visit the website and see it in motion at inspire2speak.com!

If you’d like us to help you realise, update or maintain websites like this, get in touch by emailing info@friendlycreatives.co.uk!

Here’s another image from the site, showing a slideshow transition in progress: