Filming Locations Venture – IQK Studios

In 2006, Friendly Creatives’ Ian Kennedy represented an extensive range of properties as potential filming locations at a time when they were available and mostly in disuse, making a smart  promotional video and hosting a number of shoots and location scouts’ visits…The venture brought Ian into the fold of the regional screen industries for the first time and was supported by Screen WM (who added the locations to their innovative publicly-searchable Locations Database) and Film Birmingham. The venture received interest and visits from many local and national producers.

A partnership with International Stock and its affiliate companies, this venture provided a large number of extensive and charismatic properties as filming locations. The purpose of the initiative, proposed and led by IQK, was to make use of properties in disuse, so the project came to a natural end after a year when the largest and most flexible spaces were snapped up by eager property developers.

The premises available included a former steelworks, a Second World War bunker, a country estate, warehouses, distribution centres, former factories, urban houses, an outdoor retailer and much more. In total 750,000 square feet of premises were available, including several panoramic city centre rooftop views.


Showreel Video

The Studios venture was also Ian’s first chance to film, present and edit a promotional video. Ian made this Showreel using a Sony camera, greenscreen and the Avid editing suite thanks to Media Vault at Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham, to promote the filming locations his partnership made available in 2006 and 2007. Available in compressed version (22MB) or higher resolution version (59MB). NOTE THAT THIS VIDEO WAS EXPORTED AT A TINY 320×240 PIXEL RESOLUTION, FOR EASY DOWNLOADING IN THE PRE-BROADBAND ERA! Nowadays we film and export at 6 times greater resolution, using our own much improved 1080p HD cameras, professional audio recording equipment, proper lighting and audio recording, plus topnotch noise reduction and colour correction technology in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 in postproduction. Nonetheless, from what was available from Media Vault at the time we’re satisfied that we did as good a job as the equipment and lighting allowed: the packaging and structuring of the video with voiceovers and music, and the camera pans, still stand up fine.

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