Enigma Communications website

This website, business card designs and an intricate golden logo design were provided by us in 2010 and showcase the company and book of award-winning journalist Phil Shanahan. The site incorporates video and other features, prefiguring the services we can now deliver in a single day…

Like other FriendlyWebStarter sites, the client continues to add new content whenever they like, refine the appearance of the site, and continue to improve and update it over time, at no further cost to themselves. Being able to put different articles or features into different categories makes it easy for clients to showcase the services they offer and improve their search engine ranking; this site also enjoys dedicated Search Engine Optimisation software.

To see the site, go to: www.enigmacommunications.co.uk

To make your own booking or enquiry, email us at info@friendlycreatives.co.uk, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897 now!