Digital Marketing Workshops for Creative Enterprise and Creative Alliance

Twitter activityIn spring and summer 2015, Creative Alliance and Creative Enterprise used our expertise to help deliver a series of day-long Social Media workshops across the West Midlands region (Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Leamington Spa) aimed at introducing local creative professionals to Social Media and exploring how it can be beneficial for them. Due to a colleague’s illness, we stepped up to run the final session single-handedly, and were rewarded with excellent feedback.

We adopted a very hands on approach so that we could really get our guests involved in the different aspects of Social Media. Participants got the opportunity to use platforms for the first time and create new social media profiles and content as well as improve their knowledge about the different platforms. For example, during several workshops we got the attendees to create their very first Vine videos and get to grips with managing a free WordPress blog. All attendees left our sessions with practical skills and new content to share, as well as a sense of how to conduct their ‘Digital Storytelling’ in the future.

During the sessions, we publicly created an ongoing social media presence throughout the day to interact with our guests and get people talking about the event, repeatedly breaking our previous records for engagement in our social media accounts. In this activity, we have posted online through different Twitter accounts and cross pollinated all of our new content across the accounts that we were explaining and covering during the workshop. For instance, a message would go out through the Friendly Creatives Twitter account which would immediately get retweeted across the Creative Alliance account to maximise the reach that is available for everyone. As a result of this, the engagement we received for our content from a single session on the day included 17 new followers, 18 retweets and 28 favourites, and other days were also highly successful. Below are examples of the content that people have generated at our sessions, and quotes of feedback from the sessions.

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this was a great day, highly recommend.