Digital Apprenticeship Manager, Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance advert created for Producers' Forum sponsorship, brokered by IanSince April 2014, Ian has been working part-time for National Training Provider of the Year 2014 winners Creative Alliance, with the job of creating apprenticeship jobs for new talent for the creative industries. Ian is also an assessor of these apprenticeships. If you’d like to grow your business from little over £3000 a year for a full-time employee, get in touch…

Ian’s role for Creative Alliance includes:

  • Liaising with employers in the creative industries, to generate new jobs that enable creative talent to join their businesses. The apprentices get a year being paid to learn how to work in the industry they are joining, while delivering real professional work for their employer throughout.
  • Assessing apprentices to ensure that they pass the apprenticeship qualifications that prove their ability to deliver the job that they have been trained for.
  • Developing ‘pathways’ to enable streamlined, integrated training and assessment processes – to help the apprentices pass the apprenticeship qualifications as efficiently as possible, so that they can concentrate as much of their efforts as possible on delivering their job itself.
  • Other business development projects for Creative Alliance, including keeping abreast of changes in the creative industries and in the apprenticeships system, training and delivery of an app for Creative Alliance, and sponsorship of the Producers’ Forum.
  • Delivering training and workshop sessions for learners and creative professionals, such as these digital marketing workshops for Creative Enterprise in 2015.

If any of these services could be of interest to you, email! Find out more at

Ian’s role is flexible and his availability for other commissions is unaffected – so feel free to enquire about anything else you’d be interested in from us as well!

Here is more information from Creative Alliance:

Creative apprenticeships: a cost-effective way to grow your business that’s built around you and your needs.

Creative Alliance is:

  • The Leading Independent Learning Provider in the Creative and Cultural Sector in the West Midlands
  • The Largest Provider of Creative Apprenticeships in the Region
  • A Deliverer of Training and Development Programmes for All Levels of Creative Talent

Our core team works with an extended network of experienced artists and creative professionals working collaboratively to develop, support and train creative talent.

We give young people the knowledge about how people Make, Support and Organise™ the creation of artistic/creative product, the qualities people need, and the routes taken to get paid work in the sector.