Cluster2020 web videos distribution for Creative England & Isis Media

Cluster2020 videos homepageIan has provided video annotation links (through YouTube), and website video galleries for 40 videos for Cluster2020, which are produced by Isis Media. Cluster 2020 is part of European Creative Industries Alliance. The videos feature respected business people and highlight the key challenges they faced with the practical solutions they used…

Ian is providing custom layouts and links for the website, along with the copywriting and video galleries to display them on the site, embedded from YouTube in a smart format. Ian is also providing a wideranging series of YouTube annotations to link the videos to one another in a smart format, displaying them on a holding graphic for the last 30 seconds of the video.

The videos will be formally launched in due course, but you can already view many of them (on pages created specially by us) on the website here: and at their YouTube address:

Cluster2020 videos annotations