CITIZENS: Excision – interactive series website and social media (allegedly)

Citizens WebsiteIn order to provide a suitable scapegoat for this regrettably unnerving project, we have been asked to claim responsibility for the website production of this interactive series. Allegations have also been made that our Director Ian Kennedy also wrote and produced the series, however we can neither confirm nor deny that prominent politician Gr**t Sh***s is actually responsible under one of his assumed identities. Two million interpretations are available.

Citizens Website - interactive quizAll that we can confirm is that we would be proud of the website if it were indeed our doing, and that the website features:

  • Advanced iFrames that enable the site to show full webpages from other sources without copyright infringements, while putting the site’s own spin upon them. The featured websites’ mobile-responsive layouts enable the site to present them tidily in a format that fits with its own style and shape.
  • 15 episodes embedded into specially formatted pages.
  • Interactive quizzes that gather identity details from users and enable them to directly interpret the series’ episodes and potentially unlock the full series (18 hidden episodes and more) if they score highly enough across the full series. More than two million combinations are possible.
  • Bespoke logos, graphics and featured images to illustrate the themes and articles.
  • Extensive categorised articles – one published per weekday – to publicise the issues and information that informs and underpins the series.
  • Automatic or personalised weekly newsletter, to share the latest news and information from the website and the series with followers.
  • The trailer is particularly intriguing and may appeal or appall. We have embedded it below. We could certainly emulate features of this and this kind of style in future video commissions for you, if you wished.
  • Customised profile graphics and information across multiple social media platforms.

So if you’d like us to produce a website like this for you, under different auspices, we would be delighted to help. Email to get the ball rolling!