Birmingham Open Spaces Forum website

This website includes fully bespoke graphic and web design, as well as an interactive map displaying hundreds of member organisations and open spaces across a city of a million people. There’s also an events system and a newsletter system built into the site, and the client has been fully trained to manage it all themselves in future for free…

Features of this commission and website included:

  • Beautiful bespoke graphics kindly provided to us by Logic.
  • An attractive slider on the homepage, with captions introducing aspects of the client and website.
  • An attractive, versatile, interactive map incorporating a directory of listings of the member groups of BOSF and their locations in the city.
  • Anevents systemwhich provides listings, information and pictures about all of the events which member groups are providing in the coming months.
  • An attractive newsletter system enabling the client to simply drag and drop their articles and type other information into a newsletter which can be automatically sent out to any of their extensive mailing lists.
  • The website automatically sends tweets from the client’s Twitter account whenever a news item is published, providing the title of the article and a link to it!
  • We also provided our most detailed client training and handover process yet, to enable the client to become confident in running a content-rich website on a day to day basis without any prior experience of running websites.
  • Capacity to create further microsites to expand the website further in future.

Future developments for the website are also being discussed - we’ll announce these when there’s news!

If you’d like us to help you realise, update or maintain websites like this, get in touch by emailing!