Birmingham Fest – new theatre festival website

FriendlyWebStarter has produced the vivid website for this new independent theatre festival…

The result is an eyecatching design which blends designs created by the client (which you can see in the slideshow) with backgrounds from a free theme which the client was keen on and original elements which we generated for the project (such as the header with its ‘stage curtains’ and opacity effects).

The site includes:

  • A customised Events and Venues listings system, including an interactive calendar, using a system which can also facilitate ticket bookings if needed in future;
  • A smart newsletter system accommodating multiple mailing lists, to which any visitors can sign up to receive regular smart mailouts of updates from the website and the festival;
  • A smart animated slider on the homepage, showing off promotional graphics for the festival;
  • Social networking link buttons;
  • An automatic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) system;
  • Twitter feed and automatic tweeting of any updates to the site;
  • PayPal-integrated easy ordering system, for performance applications and script readings;
  • Picture galleries;
  • Full training for the client to manage and expand the site themselves for free in future.

To see the site for yourself, visit

To make your own booking or enquiry with us, email us at, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897 now!