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ActiveParks website - location specific, versatile searches with directionsFriendly Creatives were commissioned to design and build an interactive map website to enable visitors to immediately discover the nearest park to them where they could participate in sports and exercise events.

Ian spent half a day with clients from ActiveParks and Birmingham Open Spaces Forum creating a new website to enable them to promote the exercise activities going on in the city’s parks by giving users a searchable, integrated listings map that can even provide directions from their location to the event or location.

ActiveParks website - location specific, versatile searches with directionsThe content is being added and enhanced by the client in due course thanks to the training provided, but the functions and features are fully operational already. Visit the site for yourself and try it out at:

The site was created, tested, and confirmed within four hours, including the full training for 3 clients to run the site themselves. The finishing touches were then added to the site and handed over to the client within a very cost-effective half-day commission.

ActiveParks website - location specific, versatile searches with directionsThe interactive map includes many powerful features:

  • Can estimate the user’s location automatically simply from the IP that their computer is connecting with – and the user can refine this or input another location manually with ease.
  • Enables searching by either a phrase or word of the user’s choice, or by choosing a category of activity they’re looking for, or both.
  • Displays all available locations and the user’s location using interactive pins on an overall map, and focuses on the current results after a search. The pins can pop up on a click, to display information including pictures, links and contact details, plus a Directions feature.
  • A Google-based Directions service to show the user the way from their chosen address to the activePark they’re looking at, including travel times and forward planning.

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