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Friendly Creatives brings together and integrates the services and skills of experienced creative professionals, to deliver any combination of services under a simple, universal and affordable package.

Friendly Creatives provide integrated creative services for all - from Production to Design, from Communications to Consultancy, and with whatever Teaching & Training help our clients along the way. Whatever your line of work and whatever your aspirations, Friendly Creatives have the experience and skills to help. We’re based in the West Midlands but are highly mobile and keen to expand.

We aim to make a positive difference in the world, and we feel that our work so far has been a good start. Take a look around at what we have done and what we could do for you, whatever you’re trying to achieve. Use the drop-down menus at the top and the menus on the right to find your way around and keep up to date with our next wave of projects. And check out our partner sites to see the other sides to our creative enterprises.

Our founder, Ian Kennedy, describes his approach like this: “You don’t need a fortune or large organisation to deliver exceptional creative projects nowadays – just experienced, multi-skilled individuals who can carry any part of a project through, whatever it is. I try to be one of those people.” Whatever you’ve got in mind, we can provide a free initial consultation to help ensure you find the services you need for the best price possible.

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The Friendly Creatives team…


Ian Kennedy

Ian has a decade of experience serving the creative industries and is an accomplished writer and producer in his own right – see his productions at IQK Productions and his writing at Ian Kennedy – Writer. has worked with scriptwriters, community and multicultural projects, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, broadcasters, theatre groups, and many others. With a keen eye for the delivery and marketing of projects, Ian has the experience and insight within the creative and media sector to make sure your project succeeds. Most of the example projects listed on this website were delivered by Ian, though any Friendly Creatives freelancer can be expected to have substantial experience of their own too.

Scarlet Scardanelli

An experienced graphic designer, artist, film producer and tutor, Scarlet founded FriendlyWebStarter with Ian and is available for these and Friendly Creatives commissions. Much of Scarlet’s work will soon be listed on this site, but for now you can check out www.scardanelli.biz and http://www.scardanelli.net/ to find out more!


We take an inclusive approach – if we can’t deliver something ourselves, we can usually procure it on your behalf. So for that reason, expect this section to grow in the future!

To make your own order or enquiry now, email info@friendlycreatives.co.uk, or call Ian on 0787 964 5897!