2011 & 2012 Creative Web Design courses for University College Birmingham

In 2011 Scarlet and Ian led this course together, but with Scarlet unavailable Ian ran the 2012 course, designed to facilitate 10 students to create websites ‘of a saleable standard’ within just two days…

The course incorporated coding of all descriptions, MySQL and WordPress, graphic design and images, legal considerations, search engine optimisation, real-life anecdotes, employability advice and more. Each student made a commercial standard website themselves as part of the course. Due to the length of the course, these sites do not yet have all of the features and potential of our other WordPress sites, but the clients have been shown how to add those in future. Examples of the sites that were made include

The feedback from students for the course was ‘good’ (averaging from 3.5 to 4.2 out of 5) for all of the elements Ian was responsible for. This is the summary section of the brief that the course was run to:

Credits: 10

Level: 4

Module Description

This highly practical module is designed to introduce the basis of website design and implementation, through a consideration of what makes for an effective website and in techniques for planning the site, whilst adopting recognised principles of effective design and an awareness of health, safety and legal requirements. In the course of the module students will create their own websites, whilst being aware of evaluation criteria, in order to create sites of a saleable standard.

The students were required to provide their own content and ideas for their websites, which Ian then enabled them to deliver. Ian was also able to bring in a colleague with varied production and marketing experience to add further dimensions to the students’ insights.

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