Parry People Movers


Parry People Movers Ltd offers a range of products for different transport applications. All PPM vehicles use flywheel energy storage giving regenerative braking and high energy efficiency. Options available include variable passenger capacity, passenger access height, track gauge, external appearance and power source. The various models are directly derived from the successful Class 139 Light Railcar.

2017 Product Range Summary:
The model nmber of the product indicates the approximate total acommodation of the vehicle, including both seated and standing passengers.

1. PPM 130 twin unit.

2. PPM 120 bogie railcar.

3. PPM 100 balcony tram.

4. PPM 90 tramtrain.

5. PPM 60 single deck tram, also available as a twin car unit.


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The Interactive Specification & Design tool enables you to view PPM products meeting different requirements of capacity, access height and external appearance.

Customised designs to meet specific requirements are available if required.

Seen looking south on the Stourbridge Town Branch Line with one of the Class 139 railcars climbing the steep gradient towards the Junction station at Oldswinford.













A scale model of a PPM street tram was commissioned by a local promoter in a Welsh coastal town for public appraisal.

During visits to the United States PPM representatives discovered considerable interest in using tram-type vehicles for Park & Ride in areas of high public attraction avoiding the need for space-consuming car parks. The lack of suitable rail-based vehicles has brought about a large market for buses re-styled to look like trolleys and street cars of the 1920s and 30s. This has become a forerunner of the use of genuine rail-based vehicles. The City of Memphis has established a ‘trolley’ line using refurbished ancient trams imported from Lisbon and elsewhere.

Parry People Movers intention is to develop a series of vehicles which are longer and able to provide up to twice the capacity of the successful Class 139 railcars. The main objective is to incorporate the existing driveline into a self-powered bogie so that a rigid vehicle between 14 and 18 metres in length becomes available to operate at a higher speed of up to 60mph. However as an interim measure suitable to serve many lines which are speed-restricted such as is the Stourbridge branch, the company will be able to offer the Class 139 railcar in a single-ended form which can be used back-to-back with a second identical vehicle providing a double unit about 20 metres in length with a capacity of up to 120 passengers. A one sixth scale model, as seen, shows the vertical end which will, with a corridor connection, will provide larger capacities when linked to a second vehicle.