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Railwatch “Your Views” July 2017 – Gobowen Oswestry

This is a small extract taken from Railwatch’s “Your Views” section early july 2017 – the extract was written by Phil Evans, Director, Pre Metro Operations Ltd.

Right, a train on the Manchester to Cardiff service. Far left, the green undergrowth shows where the former branch line to Oswestry terminated. The rails are still in place but will need to be cleared of vegetation before any train can enter the platform. Source:,_158840,_Gobowen_railway_station_(geograph_4023936).jpg

The article by Chris Austin in Railwatch 151is both timely and relevant to the development of today’s railway. One strategic issue which has to be addressed relates to the bringing of the railway to those members of the public who cannot access modern metros or improved heavy rail services. The Rail Industry Capability Delivery Plan published by the RSSB recognises that a “low cost railway” solution will be appropriate to fill in those gap in an all-embracing network. A small but important railway in Shropshire can demonstrate how an “intermediate” mode can fill one of those gaps. Well done to Railfuture in recognising that potential.

One further specific point is the role of the private sector. I can confirm that any Government financial support for this specific company also investing in the proposed service. As operators of the “Stourbridge Shuttle” we wish to bring a similar service to Gobowen and any Department for Transport grants will lever in an element of private sector finance.

Phil Evans, Director, Pre Metro Operations Ltd.

A crowd of people waiting for a train at Oswestry Station. Source:

Oswestry Station now. The track has been cleared and it is being used as a visitor centre. Source: