Parry People Movers

Operations on Non Network Rail Lines


Former branchlines have been kept open by rail preservation societies and companies and the potential appears to exist to make use of the old lines to provide public services using the modern form of rail bus as developed by Parry People Movers.  Seen here is a section of one such preserved line where a highly skilled enthusiast has constructed an ‘N’ Gauge model with a miniature PPM railcar crossing a bridge over the River Severn.

Around Britain there are over 1000 miles of railway line which prior to the 1960s, were open both for freight and passenger traffic but were subsequently closed. During the early development phase of the PPM project, several of these cooperated by providing track access for trials, demonstration and crew training. In several instances, the public were invited to experience riding on people mover vehicles as normal passengers. The images below show some of these pathfinding exercises in South West England, mid Wales, the West Midlands, North Yorkshire and North and East Midlands.

Location: Bristol

Location: Kidderminster

Location: Leicestershire

Location: Llanfair Caernion

Location: Oswestry

Location: Wenslydale