Parry People Movers

Issue 74 of Parry News is now available – February 2018

The latest issue of Parry News has just been released and it is here available to view, too!

Here’s a teaser of what you can find in the newsletter – click the image to the right or the link below to read the newsletter in full.

“PPM the Company attended Dudley County Court on October 12th for ‗Directions‘ over the case relating to PPM‘s former licensor and technical services provider JPM Parry & Associates Ltd. JPA had been wound up on 8th July 2013 and placed in the hands of a Liquidator, John David Travers.

Shortly after taking office in 2013, the Liquidator had visited JPA‘s premises in Cradley Heath and seemed surprised to discover a business (PPM) still in being. In a subsequent email he said ―Your continued occupation (of that site) is hampering the liquidation‖ confirming the fact that from the outset he never appreciated that the People Movers venture was a separately owned firm.”

Read the newsletter in full here.