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Issue 82 of Parry News is now available – July 2021

A new issue of Parry News is now available!


Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find in the newsletter. To read the newsletter in full, either click the link at the bottom of this page or the image to the right!

Parry News 82 Cover


“Near total dependence on providing protective vaccinations against the original Wuhan Virus is, in the view of the PPM firm, not all that can be done. As scientific evidence has un-folded particularly regarding the fast-mutating capability of the Covid 19 pathogen – policy has been moving towards, ‘We’ll have to learn to live with it!’ as is accepted with other common respiratory ailments and provide better ventilation. Come on!

In autumn 2020 Dr Chris Hampson, a long term Parry Associate turned up some results of German research into the deactivation, usually by auto-clave, of Covid 19 Virus by a combi-nation of heat and high pressure steam. The research concerned opti-mising the reuse of previously-infected hospital linen and uniforms.”

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