Parry People Movers

Under Development (Bogie-Mounted Vehicles)

Here we have two different vehicles under development bogie-mounted vehiles, both specific and designed to various railcars and/or trams. View below for  quick tidbits on each product, or click the links or pictures to learn more.

Class 139 Bogie Railcar – 18m long, up to 120 passengers

Light Railcar Halt – Artist’s impression.

The 120 passenger unit developed as a low carbon, clean hybrid designed to run on local branch lines and also over embedded tracks in public roads like a tram.  At 14m long it is slightly longer than a single deck bus and on clear track able to operate at over 50mph.  The running gear with the two powered bogies is derived from the successful Class 139 two axle railcars which have been in branch line service in the West Midlands Rail Franchise since 2009,  providing safe, reliable journeys for over 3½ million passengers.

Computer generated image of the PPM 90 bogie mounted Compact Tram train.

Also under development using bogie running gear is a compact tram train which at 14m long will be a convenient size to mix with normal road traffic.

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